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Our goals for the Michigan Elk Country Association (MECA) have been broken down into three different categories. First, we are focusing on our short term goals, which are 12 months into the future, then we look at our mid-term goals, which are tasks we try to accomplish in the next 2 - 4 years, then lastly, our long term vision is where we focus on our vision for the future and creating sustainable support for our Michigan Elk herd. If you have questions about our goals, or have a suggestion about a future goal please don't hesitate to reach out to one of our current board members, we value your input.

Next 12 Months

Near Term Goal

Our shortest term goal is raising the capital we need to make an immediate impact on our Michigan elk herd. We are hoping to raise $100k in our first year.
Next 2 - 4 years

Mid Term Goal

Raising $250K in capital to support our growing needs, and beginning to develop partnerships with private and public land users to enhance the sustainability of our Michigan Elk Herd.
5 Years & Beyond

Long Term Goal

Our long term goal is to generate sustainable income to support the evolving needs of the Michigan elk habitat and education for future generations.

Why we are passionate about supporting our Michigan elk herd.

Chad Sides
Founding Board Member


Growing up in Michigan’s elk home range my entire life I have seen many changes with the herd. I believe it’s our responsibility to protect, maintain and enhance the habitat of northern Michigan.

Vision for Future: I want to help educate those who may want to learn more about our crown jewel. I hope to help build the organization to something that will be sustainable for many generations to come.

Tony Fox
Founding Board Member

As a forester, I know that managing our timber is best way to ensure the long-term health of our natural resources and rural communities. As a hunter, I know that the only way to create the habitat our wildlife need is through forest management. As a conservationist, I am a part of this organization because I believe that those interests that benefit Michigan’s elk herd also benefit our people and our natural resources.

Vision for Future: To unite Michiganders who share these passions so we can advocate for positive change, educate those who do not understand our mission and ensure that future generations will have a healthy elk herd to enjoy.

Jada Gray
Founding Board Member


Ever since I was a kid I’ve always admired elk and especially the herd we have right here in Michigan! Hunting and conservation of our elk herd has been a life long passion of mine. The MECA is the perfect way for me to be directly involved with bettering what our state can provide for our elk herd!

Vision for Future: In the future I’d love to see better representation of our elk in Michigan and for the MECA to grow into a state wide recourse for all things relation to hunting and conservation of our elk herd!